Begur, one of the most picturesque villages on the Costa Brava, hides a secret about its special relationship with Cuba and the origin of its Indian houses. Throughout the nineteenth century, hundreds of young men from Begur emigrated to America in search of fortune. Many prospered in their businesses, returned to their homeland influenced by their life in Cuba and began to build ostentatious colonial style mansions.

Known as Indian houses, they are characterized by their elegant arcaded galleries, fresco paintings with floral elements, balconies, and carved wood ceilings. The spectacular gardens, with tropical vegetation and always with palm trees, evoked their life in Cuba. These houses are preserved and still convey style and elegance. Some of them have been transformed into hotels, apartments or restaurants, but all maintain their charm.

Every year, the first weekend of September during the Fair of the Indians, Begur celebrates it connection with colonial Cuba and the determination of those who left in search of new opportunities. During the Fair, the town offers guided tours of the Indian houses and its streets are filled with colorful stalls, concerts, cultural activities, street theaters, and exhibitions, which capture the essence of its “American” legacy.

Alta House Hotel offers an authentic luxury retreat in the center of Begur where travelers can enjoy the festivities while staying in our modern and comfortable facilities. Its Rooftop 360 terrace, with panoramic views of the area, celebrates the Fair with a special menu of drinks and typical Cuban dishes. Come and enjoy with us the magic of Cuba and Begur.

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