Digital detox

The truth is that technology has changed our lives, accelerated it and is already part of our routine. It affects us across the board. It influences us in everything. The power of the click and its immediate gratification almost make it an obligation to be connected all day! We are always online, always available, always attentive to what is happening and what may happen. Physically and mentally we need to stop, get out of this digital spiral and reconnect with the life’s essentials.

It is time to rediscover ourselves, to reflect and to seek our spaces of tranquility. Search for alternatives, explore the unknown and create oases of freedom and total detachment. 

So, we propose 3 ideas to  tune out the digital world:


Travel at least once a year. Mark your calendar, schedule a time for total detox. Recover the essence of life and enjoy fresh air, the smell of the sea or a good sunset. Get away from wifi, social networks, your mobile, the noise of everyday life. Travel and create the right environment for reflection.


Get away from the city. It is proven that nature heals us and makes us reconnect with the world in which we live. Green is an essential ally to achieve a positive state of mind and recover that lost vitality.


Close your computer, turn off your phone and discover Begur. Here are some locations where you can reconnect with yourself and the environment:

I’lla Roja Cove:

An idyllic landscape made up of the turquoise Mediterranean water and an impressive rock by the shore. This Begur cove is considered one of the most beautiful and popular on the Catalan coast. It’s time to relax and get carried away by the magic of the Costa Brava!

Puig de Son Ric Summit:

This lookout point at an altitude of 325 meters and overlooking the sea is the highest peak in Begur. The thick pine forests will allow you to breathe the clean air of the Mediterranean and recover your vitality. 

Ses Falugues Caves:

These two unique caves are located in a natural environment with magical views of the bay of Aiguablava (Begur).  They have generated much debate and interest among scholars since their discovery. The relief and colors of its rocks are a spectacle for all visitors. Enter the caves and discover the power of nature!


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