Can you imagine surfing using a single paddle while standing up on a surfboard?

Paddle Surf, paddle surfing or stand up surfing, is one the most sought after outdoor sporting activity of recent years. It has become very trendy worldwide, it really hooks you… and you don’t need to have an athletic body. Whatever your age, you can enjoy the hidden coves, secret beaches and sea caves while paddle surfing on the Costa Brava!  It is a very rewarding and satisfying sporting activity, it is easy to learn, you see progress on the first day and it helps you stay in shape.

The health benefits of Paddle Surf are numerous.

It is a good cardiovascular exercise, also improves balance coordination and is great for strength training.  Paddle Surf is a low-impact exercise and you don’t have to worry about a tendon or ligament injury!

Paddle Surf started in Polynesian villages in the 1960s and its popularity has been increasing over the years.  Hawaiian surf instructors from Waikiki Beach used their boards and canoe paddles to guide their students and warn them when to catch the best waves.

At the beginning of the 21st century several Hawaiian surfers began to practice paddle surfing as a regular training exercise without having to depend on waves and wind. It was from this unconventional training that paddle surfing became popular in the United States as an easier sport when compared to catching waves and surfing. From the Americas it jumped to Europe and consequently to the whole world.

Interest in Paddle Surf is booming in Spain and Catalonia, where it is a very popular sport.

In Begur we can contact Sa Blava Kayaks to take you Paddle Surfing.  Excellent instructors will guide you on a tour from the cove of Aiguablava to that of Aiguaxelida and Tamariu, where we find the Cova d’en Gispert.

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